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  Hello to all my followers out there in the online world. It’s been a while since I last posted a blog post, I have been spending a lot of time studying and mastering my overall craft. I know a lot of you are questioning, what is my overall craft. Truthfully a year ago I would’ve to you that it was everything about computers. Now today I truthfully understand what my craft is, utilizing everything in the technology world from computers, the internet, and mobile devices to get my messages to the masses. One of my main messages to the world would be, don’t F.E.A.R. what you don’t understand about computers, the internet and different online circuits of income.

  First off, I didn’t start off knowing everything that I know now about technology and how I can get it to work for me. It has taken me nearly a decade to get to the state of knowledge that I obtain at this moment. That is only because I had to learn how to first stop letting minor issues from becoming major issues. In the process of overcoming my own F.E.A.R.’s and issues, I had to learn and adjust to taken fault for all my own failures. At this point I began to not only F.O.C.U.S. in more on the things that I really needed to know to get to all my business goals accomplished step by step, everything begun to become more clear on what I was doing wrong and how only I could fix these issues. After pressuring myself to concentrate more on the things that I really needed to know and actually taking out the time to research for my own mental betterment.

Even at this point I was still lacking awareness of somethings around me that was still holding me back. I had to much negativity around me and letting it get to my better judgement. When you have so much negativity surrounding you it can deter your state-of-mind. Especially when it’s your love ones breathing the negative into physical.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not stating that you should completely eliminate these love ones from your life, just that you might want to create some space between them and yourself until you reach some goals. 

    Sometimes it’s better to love some from a distance. For example, I moved from my hometown of Cleveland, OH, to outside Atlanta, GA. While living in Georgia I was able to build up a lot of knowledge that I needed to pertain to accomplish some life changing goals, but I also had other influences around, that gave me a certain perception of how I saw things. Once I removed those influences from around me, I begun to perceive things from the way they touched my heart and my heart alone. When you seclude yourself from outside influences and study solely on your own, you begin to understand on a whole other playing field.

  Now that I am back in my hometown, I have realized once again that I have to separate myself from those whom don’t completely share my views of what direction I want my life going. Not to say that any of these people from Cleveland to Atlanta, didn’t have my best interest at heart, just that I see the world completely different than they do. Just saying that everyone has their own opinion, but I am not about to allow others opinions control my aspect of life.

  I truly hope that my struggles and events that I have endured in my strive to greatness can also touch others to build up greatness in themselves. We were all created to be great, it is up to you though on the actions that need to be applied in your life for your own greatness to shine through the darkness surrounding you. We all have our own demons to face, but we have to learn how to banish them demons away to receive our blessings. 

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Mastering Your Train Of Thought


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this expression? In my case the first thing that resonates in my mind is that I need to alter my state of mind to create the things that I wish existed. When you make up in your mind that anything that you want accomplish, will be accomplished, and have complete faith in that it will come to exist.

As soon as you make to that point in your life when you realize that your whole perception of life and thought process is the reason why you have failed so many times and still stuck at the same Plato of accomplishments. When you finally reach your breaking point, sick and tired of failing time after time, it’s time for you to sit back and analyze what you are doing wrong. Once you realize that it’s your state of mind and not the opportunity that is failing time again, success becomes more and more clear. At this moment of clarity is when one should push aside all negative outcomes and own the mission.

It’s Yoursonce you fully own the greater outcome of your current mission, the more you will win and take charge of opportunities. Always remind yourself that it is “mind over matter”. What does this quote mean to you??? To me this statement is expressing that what you believe to be in your mind is more definite than the things that matter outside of your perception. For example, the way the others feel about goals that you have set for yourself, should not alter your faith in your desired achievements. Ever heard the expression “you giving the devil too much energy”? My grandmother used to say it all the time… Took me 13 years to actually know what she really meant by that statement. The more you let what other portray of you alter your energy, than you are giving all that energy to that which holds you back…



I read in a book, that the devil, so to say, is only a perception of ones own conscious. When 85% of the people here that statement they get all “holier than thou” on you. Those are the ones I don’t waste my conversation with. (No offense to no ones beliefs) I dedicate my time to better understanding the way I think and how to only embed positive thought in my mind. Still working out the kinks on the negative things that roll off my tongue, but none the less I have been growing in high positivism on a daily basis. By relinquishing a lot of old negative behaviors and also negative individuals, I have embraced a much higher state of understanding of what I have been doing wrong all these years. With all the knowledge that I have acquired over the times of myself and the things that I am truly passionate about really came to late and I got my head out of the clouds, so to say, so many beautiful opportunities have been coming my way.

  So what I am really trying to say with all this is, once you learn how to alter your state of mind, you will alter the way that opportunities develop for you. Once you get to the stage of Mastery, you will literally be able to talk opportunities into existence. My advice to anyone failing over and over again to achieve goals, take ownership of those goals yesterday. STOP letting a negative train of thought spoil your dreams. Take full ownership of Your Goals… 


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