Benefits of the Mastermind


  There are a lot of great Benefits within this systematical Mastermind. First Biz Steps has be designed to give any business/entrepreneur the skills that are required to properly market what they have to offer. We bring light to some of the great online tools that others neglect to utilize for their marketing strategy.

For those just starting off in the Mastermind, there is a 4 Week Boot Camp, where we give weekly assignments. Each week’s assignments are do by the Wednesday of each week. All that is required to continue this learning experience, is that the finished projects be posted to the group wall by the deadline. These projects are assessed this way to test the level of motivation. This test is asserted to see who is ready to excel to the next level of the Mastermind experience.

The skills that are being taught through these weekly assignments are stepping stones towards learning how flood the right markets with your products/services/offers. Some of these tools/techniques that are in these assignments, some of you may already be aware of, then others may not have been aware of them. For those who do know of these tools/techniques, this is a chance for you to master them and get a collaborative insight on your work. You all who have not known of these tools/techniques, this is your intro to next level online marketing.

The most beneficial factor of this Mastermind is that you have others that you may go to for any issue that you come across in the process of Branding yourselves. This is a Growing Community of Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs that consistently challenge and build with each other. We all push each other to do our best to master all the tools/techniques to better perform our marketing strategies. 

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First Biz Steps


  Have you been spending day and night on the computer searching for ways to make money? If you answered yes to this question, I have a very important solution for you…

Finding ways to create a income is one thing and Marketing those sources of income is another thing. There are plenty of ways to make money online in any business. Now how much you make from these sources depends solely on your motivation and acquiring the proper Tools.

  How do you discover these Tools, you say?

  My solution is, find others who have already found the right Tools and are Masters at what they do. Incorporate yourself with a Mastermind. First Biz Steps offers you the individuals that have discovered and implemented the Mastery of these Tools.

  In the Mastermind there is a 4 Week Boot Camp introduction to the Mastermind. All that is required to stay in the 4 Week Boot Camp is to complete the weekly assignments. These assignments will equip you with the following:

  • How to create a Facebook Event Page and building a archive of appealing images that represent your industry
  • How to turn those images into Banners, proper images for Facebook post, and using Adcopy in your images for Call-of-Action
  • The importance of, how to properly setup and use Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Notes. Begin the growth of a audience
  • Then we show you the importance of having your own website (Blog), properly utilizing web pages, and present you with the Tools  that we have been putting to good use

 What do you have to do to be a part of this Mastermind, you say?

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