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For all those who are seeking ways to start a business or looking to grow a current business, I have a bit of advice for you. I have assessed Five Stages that I applied to set myself on the right path in my Development Growth. These stages gave me the boost that was required to keep pushing forward.
Stage 1- Knowing – The Seed
First you will have to truthfully Know and have Faith in what you are looking to build out of this venture (You must be 100% Sold on your efforts/products/services). Must understand that it will take divine dedication and a burning passion to begin this journey. At this point you should be acquiring all the nutrients (Knowledge) that this seed (Business/Yourself) needs to begin a healthy growth. (Stay pure and humble from this point on.)
Stage 2- Commitment – Sprout
Now is time when you see the business/message/service/product, becoming a reality (First Sprout). You are going to have some bumps in the road and a lot of negativity during this stage. This is why the most important part of this stage is to stay Committed to your plan and what you desire to accomplish.
There will definitely be some errors and you may fail (First Analysis In Lesson), at this point you just have to take it as a lesson. This lesson will do one of two things to you, make you Quit or increase your Commitment. If you choose to quit at this point, you not only rob yourself of knowing how successful this venture could have been, but you also rob the world of what you have to offer. Just re-evaluate what went wrong, learn how to avoid issues of that nature again, and 110% commit to never quitting on your Dream…
Stage 3 – Learning – Blossom
This is the most important stage in my opinion. A lot of people loose site of continuing to learn more about the industry that they are in once the business Blossoms. At that first bloom of success, they feel like they have fully succeeded. This is where many go wrong. During this point, you should be building off of your first phase of success.
Just like when you failed and learned from it, now is the time to use your success to learn more advanced technics beyond what got you to where you stand at this point. One must always remember that technology improves every 3 to 6 months. So you have to keep Learning to stay up-to-date on all the trends.
Here is where you establish a continual knowledge building process…

~ Never Stop Learning ~

Stage 4 – Stay Consistent – Maturity
Staying Consistent is the primary key to the Maturity of your business. Just like with learning, when some people experience the first phase of success, they stop being consistent. During this period of your business venture it is extremely important to consistently produce great value for your audience. Your lack of value can veer individuals away from your offer, which can cause extreme declines in your business.

This rate of consistency should apply to every aspect of your business. Including; engagement, content production, staying in sync with Goals, and keeping up with the trends (continual strategy evolution). To ensure your consistency rate, you should set a precise schedule for your entire daily task. This process leaves no room for excuses, just improvement. This process with make sure that you will stay focused and aggressively consistent with every task.

~ Never Drop The Ball During The Play ~

Stage 5 – Accomplishment – Bare The Fruit
Now it is finally time to Bare The Fruits from all that you have Accomplished in your journey. At this point you have created a great process of residual income and the freedom to use your time for other great adventures.
This is the part when you pluck one of those apples off of the tree to see how sweet they are. Here is where you share the sweetness of the fruits that you have finally bared. Now it is time to help others get to where you have progressed to. Inherit a protégé to mold to be as great as, if not greater, than you were on you journey.
Once you fully mold your protégé, you can now you begin to set forth your retirement. Yes, the overall benefit of this business is, we don’t have to depend on a 401K, we create our own. After two years in this business, done properly, you will be in the position to bare the fruits of retirement.
Apply these stages to your Entrepreneurial Journey and reap the benefits beyond your wildest dreams. Always remember that you have to be willing to stay committed, consistent, humble, patient, and willing to take risk.
It takes two to four years for an apple tree to bare its first batch of ripe apples. Imagine if a farmer gave up on his farm, because of how long it was going to take for him to be able to sale some fruit. We would not have any successful farmers which would kill the dairy and produce industry as a whole.

~ Success Take Dedication, Perseverance, Risk, And FAITH ~


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