The Art Of Branding

When it come to creating yourself or an idea into a Brand, there is a critique formula to expose that Brand to a massive audience. There is a definitive Art to making your Ideas into awesome Brands. Just the same as when a artist focuses in on every key stroke of their paint brush, us as entrepreneurs have to focus in on the steps that we take to get our message/offer out to the World.

  There is a Art or formula to every action that we perform. Like the artist pick the colors to apply to their canvas, entrepreneurs choose what content (colors) to apply to their chosen platform (canvas), that resonates both messages to a audience. The many techniques that we learn and apply helps mold our creativity. This creativity is our artistic implication in our industries.

  Creativity is how we express our skills in a colorful way.  

When you fully Brand yourself/business, it’s like finishing a portrait. All the creativity that we put into our marketing strategies, content, conversations, and research are all key stroke of our paint brushes.

We begin to observe the canvas with our research and learning processes. The knowledge that is pertained becomes the idea that gives you the vision of what this canvas can become with the proper key strokes. As we begin to implement this gained knowledge it’s as if you are putting your brush in motion. Once these first colors (actions) set into the canvas and we see the acquisition create a response factor.

When conversations are formed, now you are beyond just applying color to the canvas, this is the outline developmental stage. These conversations set the outline of the relationships that will proceed you to the next level. Every growing conversation sketches more detail into the outline of your venture.

  Once your outline is sketched out, it’s time to place those colors on the right spots. At this point you have some content to present to a audience and the outline and those many colors begin to become a picture. As you perfect the content that you are presenting to your audience, that picture becomes a portrait. Content is the precise placement of those color within your outline.

How you market this Brand becomes the finishing touches of this masterpiece. The decisiveness of your marketing strategy determines the final key strokes to the outcome of how many people will be touch by your work of Art. Mastering this stage determines the prominence of Your Brand.

How Will You


The Art Of Building Your Brand?


Author: Karleon Jones-Bey

I am driven and motivated to develop more stable financial knowledge amongst the people.