Restructuring My Foundation

The only way buildings can stand is because of the structure of their foundation…


  Getting back to focusing on what I really want out of life, I began to reflect on what I really must change to create the life that I solely desire…. So, trapped within my own head space this is what I began to develop…….

  From everything that I have learned thus far and the things I will be learning from this point forward will be firmly applied to the reconstruction of my personal and professional foundation. Must display all positive attributes to my newfound structure. Then I must keep my conscious clear of all negative vibes.

  Having one eye closed only seeks a broke man’s intentions… Keeping the eye to the subconscious state of mind open to learn and absorb the habits of avoiding and banishing the thought process and characteristics of the six basic fears of conceptual failure. Thoughts of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love from someone, old age, and death. By properly eradicating these six basic fears from my day-to-day thought process, helps me to avoid too many negative outcomes in my day-to-day activities.

  Absorbing more positive energy into my greater state of being is what I have been focusing on day-to-day. This is how I am placing all the gold, platinum and iron bricks at the base of my foundation. As we speak my proper restructuring is almost complete. We all should work on our foundations.

Begin With Your Mentality…

“Let’s Grow!”