Grow With Karle`on

  One thing that is extremely important to me, is to make “Grow With Karle ‘on”, a household name. Through my consistent efforts and the growth of my content, I will be expressing my struggles and everything that made me what I am today. The person that I am at this moment forward will be expressed through brand products and through my post on all the platforms that I utilize for notoriety.

  With all the greatness that I desire to project into the world, it’s the fuel and motivation for me to keep striving to blossom from out of the mud. So many times, I have fell face first back into the mud after rising to getting my goals accomplished. Just because so many initial growth processes failed doesn’t mean, quit on the overall goal. At this point I have been re-planning and re-establishing the tools and minerals that are nurturing or poisoning my garden. Been doing a tremendous weeding process within my immediate and liquid networks.

   When working on growing from a negative aspect, to blossoming into an abundance of positive developments, one must let those things that you are striving to progress from, go. Anything that is holding you back in your life at all, one must relinquish each blemish amongst you. No one can progress through the mire with leeches attached to them.

  Once we have removed all outside interference from your atmosphere, one must work extremely hard to keep your own faults at bay and out of your own way. In most cases we are our own worst enemies. We must conquer and expel those vices from your daily performance that is constraining you from getting things done accordingly. Letting ones’ vices control us can be the key determinant in the outcome of the ventures that we set out to accomplish.

  First, we must truly understand what our vices are and learn how to take complete control over them. This is much easier said than done. These vices consume us so much after a while that we don’t even recognize that they are the main things that are holding us back from excelling in life.  Acknowledgement of ones’ most poisonous vices is still only the beginning of being able to take control of them, instead of letting them control us. Not being able to control your vices will only allow you to drift through life with no sense of accomplishment, at all. By establishing goals into your mentality and turning these goals into your most consumed vices, is the best way to fully control those vices that have held you back for so long.

   Making accomplishing goals your primary addiction can alter a lot of the energy and activities around you. This alteration, for me personally, was the greatest breakthrough in my entire life. This breakthrough is still in full throttle at this very moment. When you get a positive momentum going for you must mash the gas down that lane and own it. Never look back, keep pushing forward, consistently picking up your momentum. The more consistent you are with all your endeavors; success is destined to be right up the road.

   Speaking of consistency, this just happens to be the cure to my number one vice, procrastination. Procrastination has blindly distracted me from staying focused on what I really needed to be doing in order to achieve everything that I desire to accomplish and fulfill my purpose. The thing about knowing your purpose and letting procrastination poison me to the point that I have wasted so much unnecessary time that I will never get back.

  At this point one knows the sickness and the cure, now you must better understand your purpose and all the elements required to properly fulfill this purpose. Once all those key elements are precisely put in place, this is when you push the gas full throttle on being consistent with staying on course. Continuously staying the course will also be determined on your level of focus, how much you truly believe in you, and keeping a sense of purpose through every endeavor. If you take all the energy and faith you place into other entities, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving greater accomplishments, but yourself. So now is the time to stop being your own worst enemy, avoid all vices and take complete control of everything that has to do with you…

Stay Defiant! Stay Motivated!

Let’s Grow!

Author: Karleon Jones-Bey

I am driven and motivated to develop more stable financial knowledge amongst the people.