Stay In Your Lane

Grow With Karle`on

Where I grew up you hear this statement a lot, “Stay in your lane”. At this apparent moment in my life, I fully understand this statement. This pertains to you being you and staying true to you. So, at the age I am now I am truly staying in my own lane, continuously.

  When you focus too much on how others move and do the things that they do, it will get you out of tune with your star player. This is one way we swerve off our own course. If you are not strong enough for the crash course that comes along with this behavior, one must re-align themselves.

  Therefore, we must stay in our own lanes. Before you lose yourself completely, you must begin to focus on the condition of your thinking. Our outer conditions are governed by the conditions of our inner thoughts. Improper mental conditions are why so many of us fall off course or swerve out of our own lanes. Not a state of mind to be in if you want to reach any form of success.

  True success comes from remaining in your own circumference until you build all your dreams. The more energy we put into self, and not into others, the more we can get done for self. Quite sure some people are thinking “wow, this just got really selfish”, to an extent yes, but if you are not in a comfortable place in your life, how can you help others. Just stay in tune with self and those you are so concerned for will still be around, if they are truly genuine.

  Pretty much made my point on this topic, so I am not going to draw this post out too much. Just know that me personally, I will be staying in my own lane and applying proper thinking conditions for the remainder of my existence. Manifesting greater conditions for self through supreme mental processing. Distinguishing a decisive perception of supreme mental processing to avoid paradoxes that will discourse me far from my lane…

“Let’s Grow!”

Author: Karleon Jones-Bey

I am driven and motivated to develop more stable financial knowledge amongst the people.