When a lot of people hear the word “pain”, they instantly envision some of the anguish and hardships that they have endured. Only a chosen few secondly think of how they progressed beyond those hardships. To me pain is how I have “Progressed After those Intense Negativities”. 

Enduring so much pain in my lifetime, I have produced an advanced tolerance for it. Through this high tolerance I have produced another advanced habit. A pompous habit to progress after enduring different levels of pain. Instead of being dejected after these experiences, I learned to edify myself beyond the regression of hurt.

  Supplementing this edification into my daily habits has helped me to implement more positive actions. The more you apply positivity, the less pain will wear you down. When the wear and tear of pain becomes less and less constraining, the easier it becomes to progress beyond it.

  When we learn how to properly “Progress After Intense Negativity”, we can turn anguish into an intense strengthener for other future endeavors. As we all inherit the habit of altering these negatives to positives, we begin to produce success from situations that normally creates failures. Proper mathematics of equating two negatives into a phenomenal positive, shows how you progress through pain and failures.

  By transforming hurts into pleasures, will express how strong you are mentally, to continue to overcome all obstacles. Let us all overcome these negatives to progress to higher limits.

“Let’s Grow”

Author: Karleon Jones-Bey

I am driven and motivated to develop more stable financial knowledge amongst the people.