Grow With Karle`on 2

   Dear self and who ever needs to hear this as well, at this apparent moment you find yourself at a critique mental constraint. You are about to become 39 years old in less than 24 hours, yet you still have so many goals unaccomplished. All do to your own lack of focus, prioritizing, procrastination, and not to mention proper consistency. Now after you check self and properly re-align self, focus in on the task at hand and get that shit done, no excuses.

   As you get these tasks done throughout the day, don’t let anything else divert you from getting everything done in a timely fashion. You have already achieved the mindset of controlling your emotions and not letting feelings get in the way of business. Stick to that concept from this moment forward and press your hustle 10 times harder. Let everything that’s going n right now fuel you to accept nothing but achieving my goals at all costs. Your back is really against the wall at this point, only you can change the situation that you are in.

  Always remember no matter fact or fiction, nor the factor of your beliefs, you are the master of your faith and the true controller of your destiny….

“Let’s Grow!”

Author: Karleon Jones-Bey

I am driven and motivated to develop more stable financial knowledge amongst the people.