About Me

  For starters, I am no different from any other person that is seeking a better way of life. My story began in Cleveland, Ohio, born and raised, this is where I gained a lot of my spunk and tenacity. Growing up in such a rough environment made me always Strive for greater achievements.

Even living in this harsh environment, I was skill making great scholastic achievements at a young age. I stayed a honor roll student up 8th grade and passed all five parts of the Ohio State Proficiency Test the first time. At the age of 12 I received a Scientific Achievement Award from the NASA Youth Program. Long story short I have always been a geek deep inside.

As an adult, I have gained tons of professional experience. I have 15 1/2 years experience in the Information Technology, Network Administration, and Help Desk fields. In 2008, I obtained my Associates Degree in Applied Sciences for Computer Systems and Network Technology. Have worked with IBM as a Contract Hire, at Cleveland State University ( Help Desk Technician), started my own repair and consulting business (in 2009)(Diamond Perfect Technical Consulting), and worked with the Geek IT Service.

Marketing, Sales, and Business Development, has always been professions that peeked my interest. By placing myself in these work fields, I have acquired some very intriguing Skill-set overtime. I have been in every aspect of Sales, you name it I most likely sold it. Marketing become more of a hobby aside from work. Making items look appealing to others is the excitement for me in any business. After these skills set in to my existence, Business Development became a given professional gift. It started with just helping small businesses with their computer systems and learning how to utilize the Internet for their business market.

Around three years ago, I found a great interest into Web Design, Programming, and different ways to make a income online. Literally, I have spent months just learning the basics to advanced knowledge of these skills. Have had some bumps in the road , but for the last year I have been picking up the slack tremendously.

When I found the Create Lifestyle Freedom Movement ( rather when the Movement found me), if was the perfect fit for the direction I was looking towards going. Having a community of Great Minds to collaborate with, has elevated my skills on a higher frequency, than myself alone. Within this community, there is always a awesome learning experience.

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