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GWK 3: My Power of Broke

  At this moment I have reached a new low in my financial journey. No matter what I am still so driven to win and accomplish all my goals. So many challenges have presented themselves into my life that were extremely unexpected. Eradicating old debts, but greater new debts developing. Really have my back to the wall here. Feeling like a lion being pushed into the corner by a herd of giraffes. Just remember I am still a lion with … Continue reading “GWK 3: My Power of Broke”

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Grow With Karle`on 2

   Dear self and who ever needs to hear this as well, at this apparent moment you find yourself at a critique mental constraint. You are about to become 39 years old in less than 24 hours, yet you still have so many goals unaccomplished. All do to your own lack of focus, prioritizing, procrastination, and not to mention proper consistency. Now after you check self and properly re-align self, focus in on the task at hand and get that … Continue reading “Grow With Karle`on 2”

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F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

  One of the main reasons that people don’t succeed or pursue better opportunities, is because of some critique state of fear. These states of fear accumulate from an elaborate phase of misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is mostly perceived from lack of evidence of why or why not to attempt to act.   From this plateau of understanding you will come to realize that fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Once one can notice that this state of scarcity is … Continue reading “F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)”

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  When a lot of people hear the word “pain”, they instantly envision some of the anguish and hardships that they have endured. Only a chosen few secondly think of how they progressed beyond those hardships. To me pain is how I have “Progressed After those Intense Negativities”.  Enduring so much pain in my lifetime, I have produced an advanced tolerance for it. Through this high tolerance I have produced another advanced habit. A pompous habit to progress after enduring … Continue reading “P.A.I.N.”

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P.O.O.R. VS B.R.O.K.E.

  When it comes to these two subjects, majority of the people think of finances. Which is the main reason so many people stay in these two different states. First, we must also realize that they are not the same states of being. Secondly, we must acknowledge that these two are two totally different states of mind.   For years, I have been telling those around me that I would rather be broke than poor. Something that is broke can … Continue reading “P.O.O.R. VS B.R.O.K.E.”

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Mental Processing

  From the way that one interacts with others, to the way we make precise decisions, are all determined by our intuitive manner of mentally processing everything. This state of processing is the determinant of what form of decisions we make. When we lack proper processing, we tend to make improper decisions.   Improper decisions lead to improper states of being. Some of these states of being can be corrected, but others may not. To remit from these sates of … Continue reading “Mental Processing”

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Stay In Your Lane

Where I grew up you hear this statement a lot, “Stay in your lane”. At this apparent moment in my life, I fully understand this statement. This pertains to you being you and staying true to you. So, at the age I am now I am truly staying in my own lane, continuously.   When you focus too much on how others move and do the things that they do, it will get you out of tune with your star … Continue reading “Stay In Your Lane”

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Grow With Karle`on

  One thing that is extremely important to me, is to make “Grow With Karle ‘on”, a household name. Through my consistent efforts and the growth of my content, I will be expressing my struggles and everything that made me what I am today. The person that I am at this moment forward will be expressed through brand products and through my post on all the platforms that I utilize for notoriety.   With all the greatness that I desire … Continue reading “Grow With Karle`on”

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The Art Of Branding

When it come to creating yourself or an idea into a Brand, there is a critique formula to expose that Brand to a massive audience. There is a definitive Art to making your Ideas into awesome Brands. Just the same as when a artist focuses in on every key stroke of their paint brush, us as entrepreneurs have to focus in on the steps that we take to get our message/offer out to the World.   There is a Art or … Continue reading “The Art Of Branding”

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Benefits of the Mastermind

  There are a lot of great Benefits within this systematical Mastermind. First Biz Steps has be designed to give any business/entrepreneur the skills that are required to properly market what they have to offer. We bring light to some of the great online tools that others neglect to utilize for their marketing strategy. For those just starting off in the Mastermind, there is a 4 Week Boot Camp, where we give weekly assignments. Each week’s assignments are do by … Continue reading “Benefits of the Mastermind”