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Grow With Karle`on 2

   Dear self and who ever needs to hear this as well, at this apparent moment you find yourself at a critique mental constraint. You are about to become 39 years old in less than 24 hours, yet you still have so many goals unaccomplished. All do to your own lack of focus, prioritizing, procrastination, and not to mention proper consistency. Now after you check self and properly re-align self, focus in on the task at hand and get that … Continue reading “Grow With Karle`on 2”

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  When a lot of people hear the word “pain”, they instantly envision some of the anguish and hardships that they have endured. Only a chosen few secondly think of how they progressed beyond those hardships. To me pain is how I have “Progressed After those Intense Negativities”.  Enduring so much pain in my lifetime, I have produced an advanced tolerance for it. Through this high tolerance I have produced another advanced habit. A pompous habit to progress after enduring … Continue reading “P.A.I.N.”

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Be Your Own Boss

Build A Business With Your Current Skills!!!     [ez_box title=”What’s Needed?” color=”purple”] Take all those skills that you have built up while working to help others to build their dreams and use them to Create Your Own Business… Once you have a complete understanding of what your true skill-set is, then devise your plan and start a Mission Statement. Then seek consul within a Entrepreneurial Mastermind. Inherit all the great knowledge from this mastermind and apply this knowledge to … Continue reading “Be Your Own Boss”

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Build With Others

Learn How To Join With Others That Offer You Value! “Watch The Video” Joining With Others Is Just The First Step…   After you find the right people to gain value from, then you have to take ownership of the Tools that are required to increase your online presence. [ez_box title=”Tools Needed” color=”blue”] Your Own Premium WordPress Blog Site Email Auto-Response System Capture And Sales Page Wizard A Form Creator Search Engine Optimization  [/ez_box] Time To Take Ownership Of These … Continue reading “Build With Others”

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  [ez_box title=”My Story” color=”blue”] My name is Karle`on, a man of many crafts. I am here to help you narrow down what Tools to acquire to Build Yourself As A Brand. From being in the IT field for almost 10 years, to Online and Face-to-Face Marketing for 5 years, and Web Design/Developing for 2 years, I have seen many systems. Some of these systems are simple and others can be very complicated. None of these systems offer you the … Continue reading “Introduction”